Who Taught The Birds To Sing

Who Taught The Birds To Sing

A new featured song is available by Beau and Gary James.  I couldn’t be more proud of this song and how it turned out. “Who Taught The Birds To Sing” features a stunning traditional Native creation story. It focuses on one of the foremost things on my mind for so many years.  The impact of humanity on our planet, and our shear lack of responsibility.  The goal of this song is hopefully to inspire some responsibility and promote thought provoking behavior.

Meeting Gary came at just the right time.  I had composed this bit of music with the idea of having some form of storytelling over the top of it.  Something with depth, power and real meaning rooted in history.

I met Gary by way of purchasing a Didgeridoo from him. Not just any Didgeridoo mind you. I already own beautiful ones made by traditional tribes in Australia, so I’m well aware of the difference.  This is a very authentic and special one beyond anything I have ever played. I consider being able to receive this kind of instrument a rite of passage.  That after so many years of playing the instrument with intent & discipline, the cosmos lined all this up as a way of saying “your on the right path, keep it up.”  And so I always will!   But I digress.  Gary and I got along immediately.  He comes from a long line of traditional Natives with all of the core teachings.  I couldn’t see it as a coincidence that we met, so I had to ask if he was interested in working on this song with me. My hope is that we will be able to do more like this in the future.

It was slow going, due to the distance between where we live and our access to transportation on both ends. The mixing also turned out to be very challenging. More than I would have thought, considering all the advanced mix projects I’ve done over a 18+ year span in so many different studios. But as all things that are meant to be….it was completed. And so I present to you all with gratitude:  “Who Taught The Birds To Sing”.  You can find this permanently on the “Listen” page of this website. For full credits, visit either the “Listen” page or the Soundcloud page.

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