bio_LauraNashmanLaura Nashman is the president and founding director of Spa-la-la, a spa music company.

Laura has been recording classical, new age, and concept CD’s for over a decade. Trained in flute performance at the University of Toronto with flutist, Douglas Stewart, Laura has also studied in master classes with the famous virtuoso, William Bennett, Geoffrey Gilbert, Robert Aitken and Jeanne Baxstresser. With her exquisite tone colour range, Laura paints melodies with her flutes which include alto and Native American flutes.

She has 11 CD’s to her credit, including the popular gold CD, “Lullababy” with pianist, John Alonso. As an experienced musician and sound designer, Laura offers superb musical creations. She has an in-depth knowledge of the healing power of sound.

Her label, Spa-la-la, is a collection of CD’s featuring flute with complimentary instruments designed for relaxation, healing, meditation, and enjoyment.

Traditionally, the sound of the flute has been associated with Pan, the Greek figure who played the reed flute. The mythology related to Pan and his flute bring one into a pastoral fantasy identity with flute music. The legends pertaining to the ëpied piperí also lend themselves to the fluteís magical and hypnotic qualities.

For years flute music has been a source of inspiration, relaxation and spiritual contemplation. Today, many people use flute music for relaxation, wellness, and healing.

The CD’s recorded by Laura Nashman are instruments of inspiration and healing. They offer pure relaxation and melodies that warm the heart and soothe the soul.

Laura’s most recent endeavour, PerformanceCharisma, is an integration of many performance and communication strategies with the focus on excellence. By creating an innovative platform for people to learn through listening, playing, modeling acting and music-making, Laura’s team of musicians and actors offers clients a fresh approach to successful communication. PerformanceCharisma delivers customized programs in listening and engagement strategies, creative team-building, leadership, improvisation and innovation. The training platform of performance arts is fresh, alive and generates ongoing results. The process unfolds naturally and organically, giving conversations and communications a refreshing identity.

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