Another music website?

Another music website?

But not just any music website.  This site will feature a small core group of artists who will be collaborating with all kinds of other artists in Toronto and abroad.  With digital recording technology, people can work from great distances now.  This allow all kinds of opporturnity for  great creativity.   We plan on taking that opportunity.

The core group so far is Beau, playing didgeridoo, synth compositions, beat programming, live percussion and the overall production and tech side of things.  Michael Moon will be the lead writer and often times vocal performer on most tracks and plays a number of wonderful exotic instruments such as Vibraphone (bowed and mallets), MalletKAT, electric & accoustic guitar just to name a few.  Together, this dynamic duo plans to at very least, do something unique with the art of music and create some fine work to please your ears.

We will be experimenting with different styles of electronic music in all it’s forms and plan on adding in some unique elements to bring back the freshness factor to electronic world.  Yes yes…we know that the pop world has recently adopted electronica for it’s own selfish purposes, but this doesn’t mean they are necessarily doing it well.   It’s been around since the 60s, and should be treated with more creative respect than that.  Or at very least, it should have some depth to it!  How did pop music of late become so horribly shallow anyhow?  Is this a sign of our times?

We’ll be adding new tracks to the “listen” page as they are finished, and encourage you to keep coming back and seeing what might be available to listen to.   So don’t be a one click wonder – come back again!

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