Singer, Songwriter

bio_MayaSpringMaya Spring is a singer/songwriter in Toronto, Canada

Presently recording her original songs in collaboration with djs, musicians and sound-producers, songwriting on their original music tracks in experimental styles.  Maya has a sultry and unique voice and vocal quality that works well with several styles of music.

A singer with 3 octaves vocal range, Maya performed with a number of boutique orchestras and live music bands in Toronto and GTA with some of the following artists:

Sheraton Cadwell Orchestra, Blue Champagne Orchestra, Starlight Orchestra, Casablanca Orchestra, I.Babich Party Band, Bravo Live Party Band, Ken Skinner and Lee Braitwite.

Recent collaborations:

Maya Spring + Beau Lukes – Levitation

Maya Spring + Alex Neivel – Until The Time Changes

Maya Spring + Greenjah – Let The Rain Calm You Down

Maya Spring + Dennis DC Ortitz – Time Changes Remix

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